cursive grandparent plate

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  • Description: Natural bisque colored pottery plate with center grandparent title & neutral color blocks over cursive family names or alternate text. Hand stamped We {heart} above grandparent name. 12 x 6 rectangle. Food safe, hand wash.
  • Included: Name, word or phrase (10 characters including spaces) and up to 20 (160 character) family member names or alternate text.
  • Font: Ransom font only
  • Cursive: Important | Please read: Text is hand written in our own natural cursive and is available in English only. Text is always partially repeated to fill the entire background. Due to the unpredictable nature of handwriting, requests for specific ending text cannot be honored. Hyphenation is common. 
  • Details: Some text is obscured by the main design. 
  • Options: Available with or without "we {heart} Popular messages include a list of family member names, personal characteristics, inspirational quotes or song lyrics

 you are planning on giving this as a gift, click Printable Museware Pottery Certificate and print!